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Press Release on Celebration of India's Independence Day at Medan

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Press Release on India's Independence Day on 15 August in Medan

The Consulate General of India in Medan organized the celebration of India's 74th Independence Day at its premises on 15 August, 2020.  In view of the restrictions imposed due to COVID Pandemic, the event was deliberately low scale, with participation of 30 special invitees. The event was organised strictly keeping in view the COVD restrictions imposed by the Government of North Sumatra.

Beginning the celebration, Consul General Raghu Gururaj unfurled the Indian Flag, which was followed by the singing of National Anthem of India. Consul General delivered the speech of the President of India on the occasion. In his speech, Consul General highlighted the efforts of the Government of India on measures taken to tackle the COVID Pandemic in India, India's medical assistance to several countries to help them in their efforts to deal with the pandemic and its search for a COVID vaccine. He also elaborated on the new measures taken by the Indian Govt to revitalize the Indian economy in the face of the pandemic, especially in specific sectors of infrastructure, construction, IT, digital technology, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

Consul General talked about the services rendered by the health workers of India during COVID. Quoting from the speech of the President of India, he stated that "the nation is indebted to doctors, nurses and other health workers who have been continuously on the forefront of our fight against this virus. Unfortunately, many of them have lost their lives battling the pandemic. They are our national heroes. All Corona Warriors deserve high praise. They go much beyond their call of duty to save lives and ensure essential services. These doctors, health workers, members of Disaster Management Teams, police personnel, sanitation workers, delivery staff, transportation, railway and aviation personnel, providers of various services, government employees, social service organisations and generous citizens have been scripting inspiring stories of courage and selfless service".

Consul General highlighted the recent initiative "Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan" (self-reliant India), whose objective was to merge domestic production and consumption with global supply chains. He stated that by its idea of self-reliance or Atmanirbhar, India does not seek self-centered arrangements or turning the country inward. The call for Atmanirbhar is not about reverting to economic isolationism. Its essential aim is to ensure India’s position as a key participant in global supply chains. He also mentioned about the $300 billion stimulus scheme is directly aimed at empowering vulnerable sections of Indian society to ensure inclusive social protection and growth. The vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat, as the prime minister said, would stand on the five pillars of: economy; infrastructure; India’s system driven by technology; demography and demand.

Consul General also talked about the New Education Policy (NEP) introduced by the Government of India recently, which proposes to introduce radical reforms in the current system, to enable it adapt to the changing job market, skill requirements and also to make it more inclusive to include all sections of the society. He stated that  NEP is futuristic in its orientation and vision and is expected to set the roadmap for the education sector to stay relevant to the employment market. It is also expected to keep pace with societal changes and revolutize some basic concepts of Indian education that aims to overhaul the country’s education system. It aims for universalisation of education from pre-school to secondary level with 100 per cent Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in school education by 2030 and to raise GER in higher education to 50 per cent by 2025. Policy aims to achieve 100% youth and adult literacy.

During the celebration, Consul General presented Certificates to 3 winners of the essay competition organized for the students of Sari Mutiara Indonesia University, Medan on the occasion. Similarly, certificates and prizes were awarded by the Consul General for winners of art and essay competition organized for the Indian community in Sumatra. President of Indian Expatriate Assocation of Medan rendered two poems in Hindi on the occasion, conducted an on-the-spot quiz on ID and gave away gift hampers to 5 winners.