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Consular Camp in Batam

Interest expressed by Indian community, Consulate General of India, Medan is organising “Consular Camps/ Open Houses” in Batam to address & resolve the issues related to passports, attestation, renunciation, registration, certification,  Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) and other miscellaneous consular services. Consulate General officials will be available to provide guidance and collect the applications in this regard. Schedule for “Consular Camps” in Batam are as under:

Sr. No.

Dates for Consular Camp /  Open House



10 March, 2024  (Sunday)

10 to 13 hrs

Harmoni One Hotel & Convention Centre
Jl. Raja M Tahir No.1, Tlk. Tering, Kec. Batam Kota, Batam

21 April, 2024 (Sunday)

02 June, 2024 (Sunday)

14 July, 2024 (Sunday)

25 August, 2024 (Sunday)

06 October, 2024 (Sunday)

17 November, 2024 (Sunday)

29 December, 2024 (Sunday)

2. Indian community who resides in Batam or near by area of the jurisdiction of this ‘Consulate General’ who find difficulty to visit CGI Medan are requested to avail this opportunity.

3. The Consular Camp/Open House dates given above are indicative and the Consulate may change the dates, time & venue due to exigencies.

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