About Us Global Pravasi Rishta Portal

Consulate  General of  India invites the Indian diaspora in Indonesia to register on  the
Global  Pravasi Rishta Portal”

The  Government of India has launched the “Global  Pravasi Rishta Portal”  as a dynamic portal to establish an effective communication channel  to connect with the Indian diaspora worldwide. It will work as a  three-way communication between the Ministry of External Affairs,  Indian Missions, and the Diaspora.

2.  The portal has been created to enable the registration of Indian  diaspora members, to facilitate the Government of India to connect  with the overseas Indian community through Indian Missions. The  link for ‘Global Pravasi Rishta Portal’  is https://pravasirishta.gov.in/

3.  All the Indian  Nationals are requested to register themselves and fill the "Indian  Nationals Registration" form. The Indian students studying in Indonesia may fill their  details under "Indian  Students Registration".

4. To access the forms  after registration, please select Consular  > Registration > Indian Nationals Registration/ Indian Students  Registration.

5. The Portal is embedded with Post’s function areas  related to Consular, Community Affairs, Education, Events, and  Feedback. This would help us channelize our efforts to keep the  community informed of important advisories issued by the Consulate  General of India, Medan. The compiled list of registered Indian  nationals would help us in reaching out to members of the Indian  community of the jurisdiction of this Consulate, in case of any  unforeseen emergency.