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Hari Budaya India

Posted on: October 17, 2023 | Back | Print

'Hari Budaya India' organised by Consulate General of India, Medan  on 08 October, 2023 in interactive six sessions:

1. Yoga for all: People from all age groups gathered to performed Indian Yoga at Sari Mutiara University. A way for healthy lifestyle.

2. Yoga for Women: A workshop focused on benefits of Yoga for women.

3. Odisha Dance workshop: Odisha Dance workshop organised at Sari Mutiara University to fuse music from from Bollywood and dance steps from traditional Odissi Dance.

4. Mehndi workshop: A masterclass to learn the art of Mehndi or Hena was organised by Jayanti Mandasari (Jayanti Mehndi) at Sari Mutiara University. An event full of art, culture and happiness.

5. Yoga for Mind: Yoga for Mind organised to clear our minds and focus on Shunya (Zeroat Sari Mutiara University.

6. Oddisi Dance performance: Oddisi Dance performance organised at Grand City Hall to show stopper event of the day was a mesmerising and spiritual dance performance.

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