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Celebration of Republic Day - 2022

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Post organized Flag hoisting ceremony on the Occasion of 73rd Republic Day at the Chancery Complex. It was attended by around 150 guests from Indian Community, Indian Origin Indonesians, Indonesian school and college students, prominent social media influencers and friends of India in Medan. Shri Shubham Singh, Consul General unfurled the flag which was followed by singing of the National Anthem. Further, Shri Shubham Singh, Consul General read the exerts from the address to the Nation by the Hon’ble President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind delivered on the eve of the Republic Day. School Children from Rite English School performed a dance on patriotic songs. Later during the event, Prize distribution for painting competition on theme “India from the eyes of Indonesian Kids” took place to recognize the efforts put by Indonesian School Children during the competition organized on 18 December 2021. Gift hampers were also distributed to Indonesians and Indian Community to recognize their support to the Consulate. A painting exhibition and “Wall Rangoli” Exhibition was also put up in place at the consulate. “Wall Rangoli” displayed icons of Indian freedom struggle, Indian Cultural heritages and icons and infrastructural landmarks. Guests enthusiastically took selfies with this images and posted actively on the social media. Guests also enjoyed the spread of Indian refreshments at the Consulate.

2. In the evening of 26 January 2022, Post hosted a reception for prominent personalities from different walks of life on Sumatra Island. Around 300 Guests attended the event. Tgk. Malik Mahmud Al-Haythar, Wali Nanggroe (King) Aceh; Shri Helmi hasan, Mayor of Bengkulu; Shri Hasyim, Head of DPRD Medan, Mayor of Medan was represented by heads of tourism and investment authorities; Heads of Provincial and District police, army, immigration and forest also attended the event. Media has a vast presence, heads of all prominent media (print and electronic) either attended the event themselves or have sent a representative. All prominent trade and commerce associations were present at the event. All associations of Indian and Indian origin population in the region were represented at the event. Representatives from  Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Muslim community attended the event. All Consul Generals from five consulates in Medan and all honorary Consul Generals were present for the reception. Among other guests, the event saw an active participation from the field of education, business, culture, social media influencers, politics, defence, administration, diplomatic community and Indian community.

3. The Reception also featured a painting exhibition by Indonesian school children, a business exhibition where companies having Indian investments exhibited their products and distributed samples of their products, complimentary mehndi application counter to promote culture of UP and Bihar, a 3D miniature structure of India Gate to promote architectural malvels of NCT Delhi and a book exhibition and distribution desk which featured books on India or books written by Indians. In the Business exhibition, 11 companies participated. These companies were PT. Medisafe Technologies, PT. Jasum Jaya, PT. Everest Engineers, PT. Nasco, PT. Alliance World, TIE UPS, Bank SBI Indonesia, Bank of India Indonesia , GMR Airports, PT Unicoco and PT Dal Chini Indonesia. The 3D India Gate Structure served as selfie booth for the guests. Guests actively visited mehndi counter for complimentary mehndi application. They also showed curiosity on the book exhibition counter and enthusiastically collected the books of their interests.

4. Punca Budi University students presented a medley of tribal culture on Sumatra Island. Kamalini Yoga group presented a choreographed yoga performance at the event. The event featured Incredible India and Make in India videos on two screens of sizes 13mx8m and 3mx2m to promote Indian tourism and investment in India. A video of Ministry of Defence, Government of India was also shown to the guest to display the preparation of Republic Day parade. The event also showcased 5 videos of achievements of India in 2021. Consul General in his addressed highlighted the key features of India and Indonesia friendship.

5. The event was well received in the region. It received extensive media coverage (online and print) including front page coverage in various news papers on 27 January 2022. Overall the event was grand and it highlighted India's achievements and importance in the region.

Video link of the events is: https://fb.watch/aO6UGs2TfM/ 


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